The Trade Company of Sameera Aziz Group (SAG) has been working with interest in Perishable, Non-Perishable and Semi-Perishable commodities, like Bananas, Dates, Oranges, Mangoes, Saffrons, Onions, Potatoes, Rice, Meat, etc.

We only serve the best.

Sameera Aziz Group (SAG) belongs to a progressive female Saudi Media Personality with the experience of 18 years in media align with Vision 2030.

The business of SAG includes mass-media-related companies along with various other commercial activities for diversification of exploring new markets within a group to enhance the ability to grow.

The companies include Ad Agency, Film production, Events, Import Export, Publications, Food, Discount Centers (Khomasiyaat – PayLess) and Queen Detergent powder. (7)

Fresh & tangy

smooth & Sweet

thick & Hearty

Energy rich

light & zesty

sweet & sour

Try our foods with your family & friends.

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