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Using business to inspire and keep growing by opening more doors, we make things possible brilliantly because we recognize our responsibility to the world. Media can change the world!


We are determined to move with an organized strategy. Keep watching our pace, ability, and strength – with surety of having a firm shake hand with associated life.

Our Story

Sameera Aziz Group (SAG) belongs to a progressive female Saudi MediaPersonality with the experience of 18 years in media align with Vision 2030.

The business of SAG includes mass-media-related companies along withvarious other commercial activities for diversification of exploring newmarkets within a group to enhance the ability to grow.

The companies include Ad Agency, Film production, Events, Import Export,Publications, Food, Discount Centers (Khomasiyaat – PayLess) and QueenDetergent powder.

Sameera Aziz

Chairperson Message

“Business is the prominent activity. For me, questions in business ethics are significant & relevant to everyone. This is because almost all of us do business, i.e., engaging in a commercial transaction almost every other day. Many of us spend a major portion of our lives engaging in productive activities on our own or as part of other organizations. Business activities shape the world we live in, sometimes for good and sometimes for worse. I am basically a Mass-Media person with a positive goal in life. To be engaged in a business is a great way for me to establish friendships, spread love, and promote peace. Business activity can create a more peaceful global society through cultural acceptance, mutual understanding, and positive relationship building. Mass-Media can be used for advocacy both for business and social concerns.” (CHAIRPERSON SAMEERA AZIZ). (7)

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King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Murjan District,
Zain Al Iraqi Street, Villa 7314,
Jeddah 3900 – 23713,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Murjan District,
Zain Al Iraqi Street, Villa 7314,
Jeddah 3900 – 23713,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tel : +966 12 699551   Ext : 101


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9AM – 18PM, Sunday – Thrusday

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